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Cricket in Chemnitz !!!!!

Our Objectives:

As a non-profit organization, our prime objective apart from competitive participation is to develop the infrastructure of Cricket in Chemnitz and extend its reach among the locals as well as other interested parties.


Cricket in Chemnitz, having shed its past image as a busy industrial city, has transformed into a University city with a large pool of international students enrolled at the TU Chemnitz. The city has witnessed a steep increase in the student population from South-Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal upon the introduction of master degree courses being taught in English. Besides, the Institute of Print & Media Technology at the University is engaged in a strong academic collaboration with the Manipal University in India. This fosters students from the partner Indian University to study in Chemnitz as an exchange student. Presently, with over 1000 students from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, Chemnitz is a host of a dense south-Asian student population in Saxony. It is only natural that these students miss playing their favourite game away from home and yearn for a proper cricket facility in their new home city.

Introductory Course into Cricket

U19-Youth training

As a non-profit organisation, we at the Cricket club of USG Chemnitz e.V. are committed to promote and expand the game of cricket in our humble city. Our members would be happy to get in touch with schools and other institutions to provide an introductory course into Cricket. The course is designed to inspire interest and fun for absolute beginners who haven´t even held a cricket bat or a ball in their lives. We strong believe that cricket is a team sport that builds character in the player involving qualities like sportsmanship, patience and planning.

Interested parties, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to spread this beautiful game.

Legacy so far

Since early 2011, the students and researchers at TUC had been participating in several outdoor and indoor cricket tournaments at home and away representing the University. The team christened as ‘the Chemnitz Cricketing Warriors’ participated in many tournaments within Saxony and had won four different trophies thus far (seen in next page). But without being officially registered in a club, the team could not participate in the professional leagues organized by the German association for Cricket (DCB).

To overcome this crisis, an official Cricket Club was founded under Universitätssportgemeinschaft Chemnitz e. V. The Chemnitz Cricket Club (CCC) was born with a prime aim – to promote the game among the local people as well as many international students, who may or may not be aware of the game. The club has successfully marked its humble beginning by organizing an inaugural tournament on 23-24 August 2014 at Markersdorfer Straße in Chemnitz, where the training ground of CCC is also located. The event attracted participation of six teams from within and outside TU Chemnitz which comprised students mainly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The cricket ground was filled with a feeling of cordialness and competitiveness among the participating teams. The aim of bringing different people together to enjoy and get to know the game was a great success.


We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our cricket club and heartily welcome you to our cause.

From the year 2019, kindly find the membership fee structure in the tabulation below:

Yearly Membership Fee: 120€

Yearly Youth Membership Fee: 95€


 To become a member of our club:

  1. Download the fill out the Membership Form after carefully going through the rules and regulations. Download forms
    1. Aufnahmeantrag 2018 and Zahlungsvereinbarung 2018

  2. Transfer the membership fee to the bank account below and email the transfer order to 

Beneficiary: USG Chemnitz e.V., Kricket

IBAN: DE03870500000710040270


Bank: Sparkasse Chemnitz

Payment Reference: Membership Fee – <Name>

  1. Submit the Membership form to the captain or training on the next training session to finalize the membership application.
  2. Match Fees:

The USG-CC tries to cover all match day expenses (ground hire, umpires, water, and new balls) by collecting match fees on the day for all games in home or away. These, for 2018, are:

Home games: €10

Away games: €10

The match fees are the same regardless of whether it is a league game, friendly, inbound tour game, 50 overs, T20, 40-40, indoor or timeless test match (per day obviously). It will be collected by the Captain of the team.


To cancel Yearly membership: members should inform club in writing by end of 30th November of respective year. If member miss to inform by 30th November, then their membership will renew automatically for next year.

From 01.01.2018, yearly membership fee for youth and refugee changed from 65€ to 95€